EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

The Avocado Show

by Ron Simpson

When 2 friends accidentally founded the first avocado franchise on the planet, they turned a tiny 45-seat restaurant in Amsterdam into a global lifestyle brand within a year. Their concept went viral like a celebrity sextape, racking up hundreds of millions of views, 100k+ fans online and a multi million dollar investment by the Bill Gates of avocados herself. Trust us this story is one for the books and for the stages. Was it the fans camping outside the door before the opening? The international franchise requests that came in before they even served a single plate? The 212 million interactions online in over 60 countries, in just a few weeks with no budget? Or simply the amazing content of their Pretty Healthy Food® dishes? Who knows. But watch, laugh and learn as Ron Simpson tells you how they are steering your favorite fruit into the future. 

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About the Speaker

Ron Simpson

Ron is the Founder of one of the most exciting food start-ups in the world: The Avocado Show. Serving pretty healthy food while curating and creating everything cool about avocado. Proudly running 24K, an under the radar stealth brand & talent consultancy that raises your profile, image, strategy, commsand content to the next level with great concepts and excellent execution. He is also a creative serial entrepreneur & inspirational keynote speaker in love with storytelling, brand building, social marketing and worldwide entertainment.

Practical Info

07/18/2019 15:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour
Central Meeting Hall