EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

More results from mobile and tablets visitors - Conversion Review

by Theo van der Zee

An in-depth look into making more visitors on mobile/tablet convert. What should you pay special attention to? Should you use a special mobile version of the website or a responsive one? How important is loading time? Theo will go through all of these questions during his presentation.

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About the Speaker

Theo van der Zee

As the founder of ConversionReview, Theo offers white-label in-depth expert website reviews to online marketing agencies. The insights in these reviews will lead to happier clients and subsequently increases the revenue that the agencies generate. Theo has been building and optimizing websites for 15+ years, is a certified organizational psychologist, an experienced public speaker and likes to spend time on the beach.


Ecommerce Foundation (EF): How flexible should a brand/retailer’s strategy/approach be when it comes to conversion optimization?

Theo van der Zee (TVDZ): The approach should be flexible enough to allow for radical new ideas, but not so flexible that the soul of the company gets lost in the process. While a case can be made to optimize every last bit of conversion potential out of a website, one should also keep in mind the corporate identity and overall good looks of a website. That might mean some changes, while beneficial to the conversion rate of the website, in the end might not be put live because it harms the brand image too severely. In my opinion, however, brands should lean towards flexibility instead of rigidity when evaluating the potential of a change that might increase the conversion rate and/or user experience on a website.

EF: What is the importance of having a responsive website depending on the device used?

TVDZ: Some websites are seeing more than 80% mobile visitors now. Rates of mobile vs. desktop transactions are rapidly on the rise as well. The need for having a website that is optimized not only for desktop screens is therefore no longer a luxury. However, the optimal approach from a technical perspective can differ per site. While for some sites a responsive design (the same code, scaling based on the available screen resolution) can be best, an argument can be made that device group specific code can be optimal in some others as well. Simply put, the more differences you expect there to be on the website between the code per device group, the more you should be leaning towards separate code bases instead of just one responsive code base.

Practical Info

07/17/2019 10:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour
Mobile Commerce