EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Mobile as the new Storefront - Facebook

by Wouter van den Berg

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About the Speaker

Wouter van den Berg

Wouter van den Berg is Client Partner Retail at Facebook. Currently is responsible for the strategic cooperation with the largest Benelux retail advertisers on Facebook and Instagram. He also worked with larger eCommerce companies as well as with digital native start- and scale-ups that highly rely on advertising on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, such as Uber and Next to this, Wouter is responsible for several scaled education events organized by Facebook and heads-up the Facebook side of the partnership with the Ecommerce Foundation.

Prior to joining Facebook in 2016, Wouter was founding partner at Brooklyn Ventures – a Venture Capital firm investing mainly in tech, telco and media start-ups. Before that, he worked for 4 years at MetrixLab, a large marketing research company that bought Wouter’s first start-up, founded immediately after graduating from Twente University. 

A chat with Wouter

Ecommerce Foundation (EC): What new features did Facebook launch recently to help online shops gain more traffic?

Wouter van den Berg (WVDB): People have always loved to shop on Instagram from buying the latest beauty products to snatching a deal on sneakers from an exclusive drop. Instagram has been the place for people to go for inspiration. We recently made shopping on Instagram even easier with Instagram Shopping Checkout. More information about Instagram Shopping Checkout can be accessed here.

Another area of innovation has been Facebook Story Ads. Stories are where people share and discover content they care about in fast and fun ways. And the use of stories across platforms is growing everywhere. In fact, an Ipsos survey of stories users commissioned by Facebook IQ found that 68% of people say they use stories on at least three apps regularly, and 63% plan to use stories more in the future.

Last year, we launched Instagram Stories ads and since then, advertisers have embraced the format, creating engaging ads for people that also drive business results. More than 300 million people use Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day. And to help businesses reach more people, we have made Facebook Stories ads available to all advertisers around the world. More information about Facebook Stories Ads can be accessed here


EC: What are relevant plans of Facebook for online shop owners in 2019?

WVDB: In the 2019 topics & trends report from Facebook IQ, we share insights on the many topics of conversation that grew on Facebook in 2018 and what they suggest will matter in the year ahead. By understanding which topics are seeing growth on our platform, marketers can anticipate potential shifts in the world around us, including the foods people eat, products they buy, media they consume, physical activities they engage in and ways they spend their time. You can access the full report here.

EC: How can brands best adapt as marketplaces take a leading position when it comes to consumers starting their shopping journey?

WVDB: Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016 as a place for people to buy and sell within their local communities. It has grown to be a place where people around the world can discover things they love, connect with people locally, launch a business, and earn a living. Today, more than one in three people on Facebook in the US use Marketplace every month for everything from new shoes to baby gear to cars and apartments. Businesses, large or small, can benefit from Marketplace. More information about Marketplace is available here.


EC: When it comes to the shopping journey of the connected customer, what habits can we observe depending on the product category?

WVDB: Mobile is redefining how people around the world discover, evaluate and purchase products across retail. When it comes to discovering new brands and products, both online and in-store channels play key roles for shoppers. Our research shows that online discovery is particularly important for shoppers in Media & Entertainment, Apparel & Accessories and Household Staples, with 60% of them discovering new products online. For Health, Household & Personal Care, although shoppers hear about new brands and products offline 59% of the time, online discovery is becoming more common. We found that 28% of Health, Household & Personal Care shoppers have discovered more products online over the previous year.

The Facebook family of apps is the top source of online discovery for shoppers in all the categories surveyed. Our research shows that 38% of Household Staples shoppers and 37% of Media & Entertainment shoppers find new products on the Facebook family of apps. This makes Media & Entertainment shoppers 2.4 times more likely to discover a product on a Facebook app than on a retailer website (37% vs 15%). Mobile devices are also proving to be an important discovery channel, particularly in Household Staples, Media & Entertainment and Apparel & Accessories. More information is available here.  

Practical Info

07/16/2019 10:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)
30 minutes
Central Meeting Hall