EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Maximizing the Customer Journey

by Floris Regouin

How can you better understand your customer journeys to maximize the impact of ecommerce? We all know about customer journey mapping but how can you effectively apply them into day to day execution of business operations and reach your ecommerce objectives. Floris will discuss practical local and international cases about how to improve business performance and learn from mistakes from others.

Floris will pay extra attention to retention to increase the customer life time value. A short term sale might sound nice to hit your target, but the true success is that people stay with you, either to keep them and secure a repeat purchase, up-sell or cross-sell, or staying in conversation with them to have them tell others to buy your products & services. 

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About the Speaker

Floris Regouin

Floris Regouin started his own company TheNewTomorrow in 2017, guiding companies to become digital leaders in their field of industry. Previously he worked for Samsung Electronics, Philips, eBay (Marktplaats), Telecom Italia (bbned) and Getronics in various leadership and senior management positions in the field of Digital, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Experience and eCommerce

He has a proven track record to lead companies to the next level of digital business, in an agile way and with the ability to hands-on connect strategy with operations to make it happen and deliver the desired result. He is a frequently asked keynote speaker at national and international events and honored with several awards for his achievements in his line of business.

Practical Info

07/18/2019 10:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour
Customer Intimacy