EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Marketplaces, curse or cure?

by Jesse Weltevreden

Marketplaces are double edge sword. We all know you have to be there in order to reach consumers as they grow faster than the market and depending on the country have a market share of 10 (Netherlands) – 85% (China). However, they are not your friend. If you sell well they copy you, replace you and if not they squeeze you with increasing commissions, advertising fees, and delivery demands.

How can you use Marketplaces to expand but still make a living?

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About the Speaker

Jesse Weltevreden

Jesse Weltevreden is professor of Digital Commerce at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and research director at the Ecommerce Foundation. He is also chairman of the Retail Innovation Platform, a network of 15 knowledge institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium that conduct research into retail innovation. Jesse leads a team of researchers and PhD students who conduct research into e-commerce, retail technology, marketing analytics and the consequences of online shopping for consumer behaviour and shopping areas.

He has many national and international publications to his name and is a much sought-after speaker at events at home and abroad.

Practical Info

07/16/2019 15:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour