EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

I got 99 problems but Amazon/ ain't one - 10XCREW

by Emile Valkestijn

solving your top 5 marketplace
challenges in 1 hour

Marketplaces like and Amazon are becoming more and more dominant in the retail landscape. Playing an important role in the whole customer journey. From awareness to purchase. 

But still many organizations face all different challenges when encountered with marketplaces. From internal challenges (IT, wholesale, channel conflict, lack of capabilities) to operational challenges (SEO, advertising, data). Standing in the way of growth.

Goal of this workshop is to solve the top 5 challenges that the group is facing at this moment. Creating solutions through the knowledge of all attendees. In just 1 hour? Yes! Impossible is nothing!!

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About the Speaker

Emile Valkestijn

Emile Valkestijn is Head of Marketplaces at NEWCRAFT in Amsterdam. For 10 years he worked at the Dutch leading marketplace As a vendor and seller manager he was responsible for multiple stores and helped over 100 brands in 5 industries. 

At NEWCRAFT he helps organizations to generate more visibilty and sales on marketplaces like Amazon and Through strategy, execution and training. He is also chairman of the ShoppingTomorrow expert group Marketplaces. An initiative of

A chat with Emile

Ecommerce Foundation (EF): According to you, what is the biggest challenge when it comes to establishing on a marketplace?

Emile Valkestijn (EV): There are multiple challenges when it comes to working with marketplaces. For most established brands the biggest issue is their internal organization. There is a lack of knowledge, capabilities and infrastructure. That makes it very hard to setup and scale on global marketplaces like Amazon. Besides the internal challenges the biggest issue when selling on Amazon and is to maintain a healthy account whilst optimizing conversion and driving traffic. Making use of Amazon Advertising and executing with a growth hacking mindset.

EF: What is the future of marketplaces?

EV: Marketplaces will play a more dominant role within the whole customer journey. Trying to keep the customer on the platform the whole time and fulfilling all needs. From buying a product to offering services and many more. A good example is WeChat. Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Amazon will evolve more to becoming the ultimate platform.  

EF: How should brands react when marketplaces are taking over as leaders on the market?

EV: Brands should know where their target audience / consumer is and have a strategy in place. From a marketing and sales perspective. Reconsider and update their distribution strategy. Embrace new channels and see them as new opportunities to engage with consumers. But also try to build a more direct relation through a D2C approach. Also don't rely on one marketplace and spread the risk by being present on all relevant marketplaces and building your business on all..

Practical Info

07/16/2019 13:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour