EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Brand driven Business and Experience - Think+Do

by Albert Gast

This presentation will be about how branding can help you sharpen your business scope, and how to translate this in a unique and consistent experience for stakeholders, employees and customers.

This presentation will be a mix of theory and practical cases based on Albert's long experience as a consultant.

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About the Speaker

Albert Gast

Albert is a design driven consultant with 25+ years of experience and always focussed on how to match the needs of the business with their internal and external stakeholders to create value for both.

He is owner of Think+DO and renowned design thinker and works in the area of service design and brand design for companies as Philips and ING. He is a lecturer at Beeckestijn Business School and Emerce.

Beside running his business he currently also does a PhD research at TU Delft on transition programs in larger organisations.

A chat with Albert

Ecommerce Foundation (EF): What is the importance of the branding part in the whole customer experience?

Albert Gast (AG): The role of the brand in the customer experience is that in development of the customer journey the brand functions as a lens to define to who, how, what and where of the customer journey you really need and want to differentiate from your competitors. This all based form a clear central brand essence.

The brand should be a valuable mean to connect the business to the user needs and as a consequence user perceives the brand as such with the ultimate effect to become a loyal client.

EF: According to you, what trends in branding should we keep an eye on?

AG: This is also the trend we see at the moment, as a brand you should be clear about your purpose, and create relevant story telling about the WHY of your brand. Users are nowadays too connected and informed, so shallow stories really damage your brand. Be as a brand true and trustworthy so the users allow that you can connect with them.

EF: What is inherent to branding if we want to take it to the next level?

AG: If we want to take a brand to a next level is that brand should not be used a a shallow instrument in just to sell. But take a longevity perspective to become really meaningful and adaptive to the users individual needs in their different live stages.

Practical Info

07/16/2019 11:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
1 hour
Digital Branding