EcommerceWiki Week 2019 - Amsterdam

Becoming GDPR compliant - University of Maastricht

by Hans Leemans

Many organization started their GDPR project to be compliant May 25th 2018. Lot of them are still working on that project and have great difficulties of getting the processing activities change to make them GDPR based. The rest of the organization believed that they could rest after they finalized the readiness assessment. But this is perhaps one of the largest misunderstandings in GDPR business. GDPR compliant is just the start. Adopting all of your business processes to GDPR requirements is the next phase. Do not only think of implementing Privacy By Design or default but for instance think about the challenge to synchronize your register of data processing activities in an organization with my processors and subprocessors. How do you get in control of processing activities that are shared in this chain of cooperating companies. This is GDPR 2.0, next step in your GDPR program.  

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Hans Leemans

Hans Leemans is a self employed interim manager. In his work as general manager of the association of Dutch Internet Providers he promoted consumer centric business models but with respect of all stakeholders involved, like Government, Law Enforcement, self regulation en companies. With a background in information security he guided health care institutions with NEN 7510 compliancy and the development of futureproof infrastructures for increased security and privacy.

In 2009 Hans Leemans was asked to develop the Dutch Do Not Call Me registry, converting self regulation in a lawbased register for regulating opt-outs for telemarketing. Again finding the balance between law, authority, business and consumers. In 2017 Hans Leemans went back to school and followed Privacy Management at the Faculty of Law Maastricht University. Hans at this moment is writing his thesis Privacy Management about privacy in medical scientific research. He is data protection officer for several companies and is involved in larger privacy projects in several fields, like data driven marketing, health care, accountancy and automotive industry.

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07/18/2019 11:30 (Europe/Amsterdam)
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