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                                                    27th of February 

In this webinar our 3 panelists are going to discuss and analyze the American e-commerce environment; an interesting market where the majority of online shoppers are 18-34 years old and increasingly prefer to shop online via mobile devices. Follow the discussion and get many useful insights on this dream market from 3 specialists within the field!

  • Cybersecurity
  • Geographic Infostructure
  • Marketing

  • Where: from behind your desk
  • When: 27th, February, 16:00,  45 minutes
  • Who: the Webinar is meant for e-commerce experts 
  • Language: English 


About the Speakers

Sara Lone 
Mike Mallazzo
Another guy
Sara Lone will host the webinars, she will talk a lot and ask many questions, so be prepared. She studied a lot, like really a lot, you better listen to her...for real. 
Mike Mallazzo is the senior manager of brand, content and communications at Dynamic Yield, the leading provider of personalization technology. His writing on the future of commerce, media and technology has appeared in Quartz, Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Next Web, MediaPost and the Chicago Tribune. He is an alumnus of two failed startups, LinkedIn and Northwestern University, where he once crawled into a dumpster in the name of journalism.

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