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Ecommerce Reports
The goal of these reports is to provide insights into national and regional ecommerce markets in order to help online selling companies make better choices when going cross-border. The Foundation collects necessary data such as internet penetration, ecommerce turnover per product segment, payments & logistics, and dos & don’ts for many countries and regions. Feel free to download the free light reports through the EcommerceWiki.
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With the EcommerceWiki we hope to offer the ecommerce community a platform for collecting and sharing all knowledge about ecommerce-related topics: from branding and performance advertising to merchandising, selecting an ecommerce platform and managing social media.
For more info contact Rein.

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Rein Suijker
Chief Editor
Custom Studies
Ad hoc studies using the Ecommerce Foundation network to gain insight into new developments and trends on a quantitative and/or qualitative basis.
For more info, feel free to contact Sara. 

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Sara Lone
Research Coordinator
Events & Study Trips
Provision of inspiration and in-depth understanding of new ecommerce developments and markets by organizing C-level events and study trips.
For more info contact Metje van der Meer.

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Metje van der Meer
Marketing Coordinator
Presentations & Lectures
Our people are very experienced in various fields of ecommerce and enjoy speaking about them. If you are looking for an enthusiastic speaker about topics such as cross-border ecommerce, ecommerce research studies, and trends & innovations in ecommerce, feel free to contact contact Jorij for more info.
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Jorij Abraham 
Executive Director
Safe.Shop is the national and global trust mark for online shopping, helping consumers and merchants to shop and sell with confidence at home and abroad. The trust mark is issued by the Ecommerce Foundation.
Safe.Shop checks if webshops are selling according to the Global Code of Conduct. This allows you to shop around the world and in your own country for the best products with the best prices, knowing you are buying from a reliable webshop.
Interested? Contact Manolo!
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Manolo de la Fuente 
Safe.Shop Manager