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We are proud to announce the launch of our first Ecommerce Report of the year: The Netherlands 2018. In this extensive study, interesting key-figures of the country are highlighted, such as a strong logistical infrastructure and a healthy, growing e-commerce market.

In order to deliver the best content, our reports were upgraded! Together with consumer behaviors and consumer trends, we are very happy to bring you our expanded interview section with leading e-retail & e-commerce logistic experts.

23 National Ecommerce Reports, a European Ecommerce Overview Report and a Global Ecommerce Overview Report will be published during the year. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!
Sara Lone
Research Coordinator
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Silicon Valley June 2018
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Board of Advice

  1. Joseph Yuen
    Joseph Yuen
    Board Chairman Hong Kong Federation of E-commerce, Hong Kong
  2. Alexey Fedorov
    Alexey Fedorov
    President AITC, Russia
  3. Mauricio Salvador
    Mauricio Salvador
    President ABComm, Brazil
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