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Richard  van Welie graduated in Communication Sciences in 2004 and in American Studies in 2008. After working as a translator and copywriter in several fields of expertise for several years, he entered the world of ecommerce in 2014. He started working as an ecommerce editor for (the Dutch ecommerce association) and Ecommerce Europe (the European ecommerce association with more than 25,000 members in 18 countries). Among his tasks were writing content for the B2C Ecommerce Reports and creating the handbook for the highly successful Dutch ShoppingTomorrow program.

Since the beginning of 2016, Van Welie also joined the Ecommerce Foundation as the Chief Editor, being closely involved in the creation of the EcommerceWiki (an international ecommerce platform), among other things. As of October 2016 he is responsible for the creation and marketing of the B2C Ecommerce Reports.

Richard van Welie
Chief Editor

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