Ecommerce Foundation

Ecommerce Foundation

Fostering global digital trade
as peace is the natural effect of trade.

  1. Juhani Pekkala
    Juhani Pekkala
    Managing director Finnish Commerce Federation, Finland
  2. Roberto Liscia
    Roberto Liscia
    President Consorzio Netcomm, Italy
  3. Mastafa Abolnasr
    Mostafa Abolnasr
    General manager, Barbatoz, Egypt
"Ecommerce Foundation is helping advance the e-commerce industry globally; by creating an ecosystem of research, effective knowledge transfer and partner support. Giving an opportunity for every e-commerce business around the world to excel beyond its limited resources."

"The active involvement of international expertise and national associations is the true strength of the Ecommerce Foundation and will speed up and help the digital transformation in progress in companies and institutions."

“Digital revolution has only begun. In the coming years we will see major changes in our industry. There are lots of new opportunities for ecommerce to create growth for commerce. But digitalization is  changing not only retail, it will change whole supply chain from producers to wholesalers and retailers."

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